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How to Prescribe

Ordering the NormaTec Via Series for your patients with peripheral vascular disorders is simple and quick!

Covered by Insurance »

The Via Series is covered by Medicare, most major insurance plans, and the Veterans Administration.

NormaTec handles all insurance issues and will verify eligibility prior to filling your prescription for the NormaTec Via Series. Your patients may have a deductible and/or a co-insurance as part of their liability. However, no matter what type of insurance plan your patients have, NormaTec will confirm their coverage and work to obtain maximum coverage. Even if patients have minimal insurance or are not insured, we offer many options that will maximize their ability to obtain the medical equipment you have prescribed.

NormaTec is fully accredited as an exemplary Medicare supplier. Medicare covers the NormaTec Via Series for patients with the following diagnoses:

  • Chronic venous insufficiency with chronic wounds
  • Lymphedema secondary to cancer
  • Congenital lymphedema
    (Other diagnoses may be covered on a case-by-case basis)
  • Non-Medicare Insurance

If you or your patients have any questions regarding insurance coverage, please contact our Contracting & Insurance Department at 800.335.0960 ext. 150.

What you do »

To order the NormaTec Via Series for your patients, email or fax us the completed Ordering Form below along with any supporting clinical notes.

Download Ordering Form »

If you have more specific questions about the NormaTec Via Series or would like to schedule a patient demonstration with a NormaTec Clinical Specialist in your area, call 800.335.0960 ext. 150.

What we do »

Verify your patient's insurance eligibility, benefits and coverage.

Determine the appropriate size of the prescribed appliances.

Notify your office that the equipment was dispensed to your patient.

Provide detailed, customized education to the patient (or caregiver) to ensure that the patient is able to successfully use the NormaTec at home.

Adjust the NormaTec's settings, if needed, to maximize patient comfort and compliance with your prescribed treatment program.

Regularly update you and your office on your patient's progress.

Have more questions? Call NormaTec at 800.335.0960 ext. 150 or send us a message.