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Overview of the Via Series Compression Systems

The new NormaTec Via Compression Therapy Systems offer profound healing results for patients suffering from lymphedema, venous insufficiency, and venous stasis ulceration. The Systems have been completely re-engineered for convenience and efficacy—they are our lightest (only 3.2 lbs) and simplest to use yet.

Join thousands of your colleagues who have helped their patients suffering from peripheral vascular disorders by prescribing a NormaTec Via Series system.

The NormaTec Via

The NormaTec Via is an E0651 pneumatic compression device featuring our patented NormaTec Pulse Technology and digital controls for precise treatment.

Small, light design (3.2 lbs) makes treatments simple and convenient

Easy on-and-off attachments and one simple connection

Use on the arms, legs, or hips (even over amputations)

Patented NormaTec Pulse Technology

NormaTec Via

The NormaTec Via Elite

The NormaTec Via Elite is an advanced E0652 pneumatic compression device with complete touchscreen controls for a fully customizable treatment.

All the features of the NormaTec Via

Adjust settings or fully customize your treatment right on the touchscreen

Large, easy-to-read touchscreen

NormaTec Via Elite

Both Via Systems Feature


Pressure from 30-110 mmHg


Overlapping zones for maximum therapy


Boots with zippers and integrated tubing


Whisper quiet technology


Lightweight and small design (3.2 lbs, 4" x 5" x 9")


Precise, digital control and accuracy

How does the NormaTec Via Series Work?

The NormaTec Via Series is a non-invasive, painless, pneumatic compression device that treats a variety of peripheral circulatory conditions. The devices utilize a patented compression technology, and multi-zoned garments which rhythmically inflate and deflate to carefully prescribed pressures, effectively mobilizing stagnant fluid in the limbs. Unlike other compression strategies, the NormaTec Via Series delivers precisely calibrated and software-controlled treatment for conditions such as:

  • chronic wounds or ulcers
  • venous insufficiency
  • lymphedema
  • prevention of DVT

Features of the Via Series

  • Covered by health insurers including Medicare, most HMOs, and the VA
  • FDA-cleared, numerous safety features that meet demanding UL 2601 and CE safety standards
  • Built-in protection against clinically inappropriate pressures and reverse gradients so that adverse settings cannot be inadvertently programmed.

Indications and Conditions

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Ordering Information

Review insurance coverage, learn how to order the Via Series, and get in touch with NormaTec's expert team.

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